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ADC was created in Shanghai to reflect on our staff's long standing experience in local markets as well as our involvement in all stages of the transfer process. From dealing with local laws, labour, suppliers, everchanging customs environment and economic mix, we have learned to adapt and thrive. Evermore, our experience with various destination markets like EU, North and South America, Asia, middle east and parts of Africa add to our strength as a solid and reliable provider of relocations and logistics services.

Many, if not most issues in relocation have roots in poor understanding of the underlying logistics processes as well as destination country or market regulations and processes. Coupled with inexperienced sales people unable to manage expectations and provide correct information, clients will feel let down by their vendor.

You can rely on ADC:

We are here to advise you, no flowery sales talk

We understand logistics, our core strength

We will provide inclusive quotes and list all circumstantial charges

Our aim is to provide good service delivery at a good rate

We will follow your project from start / finish, not start / payment

We do respond evenings + weekends for emergencies or other commitments

We do not degrade service delivery for a lower rate