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The prospect of moving office or other facility may seem daunting. But it is just a process, and like any process, it can be broken down into a series of simple tasks and checks. With the right process, you can ensure your facility move is on time, to budget and hassle free. The following are some instances that may be taken into account when computing a budget + moving schedule:

What is your objective of the transfer (e.g. budget, growth, location)?

Have you hired a broker or signed a contract for your new location?

Do you need a preliminary estimate of different options / costs?​

​Have you established a budget and timeframe for the transfer?

Do you have floor plans for origin and destination locations?

Are trucks able to park near your property? Is an elevator/lift avaialble?
Are there any difficult/heavy items to move?
Do you require addtional services e.g. electricians, IT technicians or temp. storage?
Are you planning to move during peak times or holidays or typhoon season?
​Is destination location accessible by trucks?
Is your transfer time sensitive?

In addition, a moving vendor's service scope should include:

Professional assessment of volume / weight to be moved + your requirements

Delivery of any other services agreed upon (such as handyman or storage)

Predelivery of cartons for staff members (if applicable) + labeling codes

Floor plans for origin + destination locations incl. planned break down / set up

Loading and transfer of all supplies and equipment to your new location

Removal of all packing materials
Assistance with insurance claim (if taken)