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International shipping is often complex and requires grounded knowledge in logistics and supply chains. Transit routes, options, costs and time spans can vary considerably depending on your destination and transfer method. The following are some instances that may be taken into account when computing a budget + moving schedule:

​​​Are you moving smaller quantities (i.e. potentially air) or larger quantities (sea freight) or both?
Do you need a preliminary estimate of different options / costs?​
Are you packing close to your departure or wish to send items ahead of time?
Are you repatriating or do you require a work visa / permit at destination?
Are all your belongings packed on the day of the move?
Is the truck able to park near your property? Is an elevator/lift avaialble?
Are there any difficult/heavy items to move?
Do you require addtional services e.g. electricians, maid or storage?
Are you planning to move during peak times or holidays or typhoon season?
​Is destination residence accessible and a person available to coordinate?
Is your transfer time sensitive?

In addition, a moving vendor's service scope should include:

Professional assessment of volume / weight to be moved + your requirements
Delivery of any other services agreed upon (such as handyman or storage)
Packing at internationally accepted density
Customs clearance at origin country and loading on a vessel / airplane
Payment of all voyage fees, port charges, (de)consolidation charges
Customs clearance at destination country and trucking of your items to new residence
Unwrapping and placing of furniture, upacking of cartons (except books and clothing)
Removal of all packing materials
Assistance with insurance claims (if taken)